GraphApp for X-Windows (Linux/Unix)

What do I need to have before I can use GraphApp with X-Windows?

The X11 version will work on most versions of Unix, including Linux. You must have X-Windows installed, and it must be X version 11 release 3 or later. Most modern installations of X-Windows are version 11 release 6 or later, so there should be no problems with most systems.

Where do I install the fonts?

Unpack the downloaded source file into a directory structure as follows:

You may have to edit the file src/x11/font.c and change where the code looks for fonts to point to the installations directory you've used. Currently it looks in /apps/app/fonts/ first for fonts, and if that fails it tries $HOME/apps/app/fonts/ next. If neither of those is correct, edit the font.c file.

How do I make the library?

In the src directory, type:

That should do it! You may have to wait a while as the compiler must compile many files. Eventually a library called libapp.a will be produced.

How do I see a demo?

After creating the library, you can make a demonstration program. In the src directory, type:
	make demo

This will compile the file demo/imagine.c which is a small image viewer program. It can display images in PNG, JPEG or GIF format. To run it, go into the demo sub-directory and type:

	./imagine *.png

It will run a slide show of the image files. You can also run other demonstration programs, by going to the src/ directory and typing:

	make demo2
	make demo3
	make demo4
	make demo5

This will create a variety of other small programs, in the demo/ sub-directory. The viewutf8 program can display UTF-8 text files, such as the file demo/example.utf8 and the tester program simply displays events such as mouse clicks, redraw events, and key presses.