From: Jean-Pierre Dumas
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 00:58
Subject: Kit to make Graphapp, Demos & Examples with DMC

Here are the bits necessary to make Graphapp 3 with
the free DigitalMars C/C++ compiler in Win32 mode.
(I currently use the latest DMC 8.33, see
It is also working with Symantec C/C++ 7.5.

Put the makefile (dmc8.mak) in graphapp\src (rename it to makefile)
Put the file sc.lst in graphapp\src, with the makefile.
Go to graphapp\src

will create the static graphapp.lib, in graphapp\src

make demos
will make all the demo programs in graphapp\src\demo

make examples
will make all the examples in graphapp\examples

make clean
will put back the tree in virgin state.


Jean-Pierre H. Dumas