These instructions are a little old, but might help someone. Look for the mingw.mak file for more modern instructions.

Compile GraphApp 3.02 with the Mingw compiler:

1) Unzip the GraphApp package using lowercase filenames ("unzip -L" using the InfoZIP unzip)

2) Rename in src/win32/init.c the main call and definition to app_main (lines 125 and 140)

3) Rename in demo/*.c the main routine to app_main

4) Actually, instead of steps 2 and 3, you might be able to define main as app_main by adding -Dmain=app_main to the CFLAGS

5) Copy the makefile provided below to the src subdirectory (it's also available as the file rules/mingw.mak)

6) Go to the source subdir, run "make", them run "make demos"

Next is the makefile (remember to replace spaces by tabs in commands if you lost them using copy and paste).

If that doesn't work for you, try moving all .c and .h files into one directory, and compiling there without using this Makefile.

A mini-howto to install the Mingw compiler is provided at the end.

# Makefile for App (Mingw version)

CC               = gcc
AR               = ar
RANLIB           = ranlib
LD               = ld

# Makefile rules

CFLAGS       = -O2 -Wall -I. -Iwin32 -Iutility -Igui -Ilibgif -Ilibjpeg -Ilibpng -Ilibz

APP_OBJECTS   = utility/apputil.o  utility/array.o    utility/border.o   \
		utility/clipline.o utility/compose.o  \
		utility/control.o  utility/deleting.o utility/dispatch.o \
		utility/drawimg.o  utility/drawing.o  utility/drawtext.o \
		utility/image.o    utility/imglist.o  utility/fontutil.o \
		utility/malloc.o   utility/palette.o  utility/point.o    \
		utility/rect.o     utility/region.o   utility/resource.o \
		utility/rgb.o      utility/str.o      utility/strtable.o \
		utility/utf8.o     utility/utf8regx.o utility/winutil.o  \
		gui/button.o       gui/checkbox.o     gui/cursors.o   \
		gui/dialog.o       gui/dropfld.o      gui/droplist.o  \
		gui/field.o        gui/imagebtn.o     gui/imgcheck.o  \
		gui/imglabel.o     gui/label.o        gui/listbox.o   \
		gui/manager.o     \
		gui/menu.o         gui/notebtn.o      gui/passfld.o   \
		gui/radiobtn.o     gui/scroll.o       gui/separat.o   \
		gui/splitter.o     gui/tabbtn.o       gui/textbox.o   \
		gui/textundo.o     gui/tip.o         \
		imgfmt/imgread.o   imgfmt/imgwrite.o \
		imgfmt/readgif.o   imgfmt/writegif.o \
		imgfmt/readh.o     imgfmt/writeh.o   \
		imgfmt/readjpg.o   imgfmt/writejpg.o \
		imgfmt/readpng.o   imgfmt/writepng.o \
		win32/bmap.o       win32/bmapimg.o    win32/clipbrd.o  \
		win32/cursor.o     win32/drawbmap.o   win32/drawwin.o  \
		win32/event.o      win32/folder.o     win32/font.o     \
		win32/graphics.o   win32/init.o       win32/timer.o    \

GIF_OBJECTS   = libgif/gif.o

JPEG_OBJECTS  = libjpeg/jcapimin.o libjpeg/jcapistd.o libjpeg/jccoefct.o \
		libjpeg/jccolor.o  libjpeg/jcdctmgr.o libjpeg/jchuff.o   \
		libjpeg/jcinit.o   libjpeg/jcmainct.o libjpeg/jcmarker.o \
		libjpeg/jcmaster.o libjpeg/jcomapi.o  libjpeg/jcparam.o  \
		libjpeg/jcphuff.o  libjpeg/jcprepct.o libjpeg/jcsample.o \
		libjpeg/jctrans.o  libjpeg/jdapimin.o libjpeg/jdapistd.o \
		libjpeg/jdatadst.o libjpeg/jdatasrc.o libjpeg/jdcoefct.o \
		libjpeg/jdcolor.o  libjpeg/jddctmgr.o libjpeg/jdhuff.o   \
		libjpeg/jdinput.o  libjpeg/jdmainct.o libjpeg/jdmarker.o \
		libjpeg/jdmaster.o libjpeg/jdmerge.o  libjpeg/jdphuff.o  \
		libjpeg/jdpostct.o libjpeg/jdsample.o libjpeg/jdtrans.o  \
		libjpeg/jerror.o   libjpeg/jfdctflt.o libjpeg/jfdctfst.o \
		libjpeg/jfdctint.o libjpeg/jidctflt.o libjpeg/jidctfst.o \
		libjpeg/jidctint.o libjpeg/jidctred.o libjpeg/jmemmgr.o  \
		libjpeg/jmemnobs.o libjpeg/jquant1.o  libjpeg/jquant2.o  \

PNG_OBJECTS   = libpng/png.o       libpng/pngerror.o  libpng/pngget.o   \
		libpng/pngmem.o    libpng/pngpread.o  libpng/pngread.o  \
		libpng/pngrio.o    libpng/pngrtran.o  libpng/pngrutil.o \
		libpng/pngset.o    libpng/pngtrans.o  libpng/pngwio.o   \
		libpng/pngwrite.o  libpng/pngwtran.o  libpng/pngwutil.o

LIBZ_OBJECTS  = libz/adler32.o     libz/compress.o    libz/crc32.o    \
		libz/deflate.o     libz/infback.o     libz/inffast.o  \
		libz/inflate.o     libz/inftrees.o    libz/trees.o    \
		libz/uncompr.o     libz/zutil.o


HEADERS       = apptypes.h app.h win32/appint.h utility/apputils.h gui/appgui.h gui/cursors.h

LIB           = libapp.a

WLIBS         = -mwindows

static:	apptypes.h $(LIB)

	if exist $(LIB) del $(LIB)
	$(MAKE_STATIC_LIB) $(LIB) win32/*.o utility/*.o gui/*.o imgfmt/*.o libgif/*.o libjpeg/*.o libpng/*.o libz/*.o

apptypes.h: apptypes.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o apptypes.exe apptypes.o
	if exist apptypes.exe del apptypes.exe

demos: demo1 demo2 demo3 demo4 demo5

demo1:	static demo/imagine.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o demo/imagine.exe demo/imagine.o $(LIB) $(WLIBS)

demo2:	static demo/tester.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o demo/tester.exe demo/tester.o $(LIB) $(WLIBS)

demo3:	static demo/viewutf8.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o demo/viewutf8.exe demo/viewutf8.o $(LIB) $(WLIBS)

demo4:	static demo/imgtest.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o demo/imgtest.exe demo/imgtest.o $(LIB) $(WLIBS)

demo5:	static demo/blend.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o demo/blend.exe demo/blend.o $(LIB) $(WLIBS)

	if exist *.o del *.o
	if exist demo\*.o del demo\*.o
	if exist utility\*.o del utility\*.o
	if exist gui\*.o del gui\*.o
	if exist imgfmt\*.o del imgfmt\*.o
	if exist libgif\*.o del libgif\*.o
	if exist libjpeg\*.o del libjpeg\*.o
	if exist libpng\*.o del libpng\*.o
	if exist libz\*.o del libz\*.o
	if exist win32\*.o del win32\*.o

clean:	tidy
	if exist $(LIB) del $(LIB)

	$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $*.c -o $*.o

    This is a how-to for people who want to make the Win32 version,
    but don't know about the mingw compiler:

    1.- First, download the mingw distribution:

    2.- Create a \MINGW dir and decompress the three files on it (The files
    are not installers, only auto-decompress files)

    3.- Create a \MINGW\SETVAR.BAT file with the line:


    4.- Open a DOS window and execute \MINGW\SETVAR

    5.- You are ready