About GraphApp

What Is GraphApp?

GraphApp is a cross-platform graphics library written in the C programming language. It works with a variety of operating system and windowing system combinations, including Microsoft Windows, X-Windows, Linux, Macintosh OSX, and other Unixes. It gives the programmer access to buttons, text boxes, windows, fonts, colours, and so on, in a platform independent and easy to learn manner, so that graphical programs can be easily created and ported to different operating systems.

About the Author

The author of GraphApp is L. Patrick, who has been employed by the University of Sydney, Australia, as a lecturer and tutor in the Basser Department of Computer Science, in the areas of user interface design, computer graphics and software engineering. GraphApp has been used in teaching courses at the University.

Use and Distribution of GraphApp

GraphApp is distributed under the App Software Licence. A copy of this licence can be found in the file LICENCE.TXT. GraphApp is free software and is distributed in the hope it will be of use, but the software has no warranty.