Miniature Stories At Most 54 Words Long
by L. J. Patrick (c) Jan 22nd 2002
The Mind-Reading Helmet

Jane sat in the chair.
Paul asked, "What's your name?"
Paul lowered the helmet onto her head.
"Now think of your favourite food. The helmet transmits your thoughts."
Jane concentrated.
Paul's face went blank.
Jane frowned. "Is everything okay?"
"Fine," said Paul. "Who are you?"
"No, I'm Jane and I like chocolate."


"You never buy me flowers any more," whined Kylie.
John bought her some flowers the next day.
"You only bought them because I asked you to," she said.
John turned the dial on his Time Bracelet.
Two days before, he ordered some flowers.
"I hate lilies," she said.

Fixing the Past

Kylie first knew things were wrong when she came home and discovered John had moved out. She turned the dial on her Time Bracelet, and went back a few hours.
"John, why are you going to leave me?"
"You're about to leave me."
"Fine." He started packing.

SETI @ Home

In 2145, the human race destroyed itself. Thanks to solar power and battery stores, the Internet survived and many computers continued functioning. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence continued, as smart screen savers analysed astronomical data. In 2312 intelligent life was discovered outside the solar system. "Is anyone else out there?" the message asked.

Yarg from Galaxy Andromeda

Yarg excavated the human dwelling with care. The computer looked non-functional, but to his surprise it was still humming. He touched a key. The screen brightened. After some experimentation he realised he was playing a children's game. The purpose seemed to be training children to shoot adults. "No wonder they died out," he thought.

The Last Library

The robot, last repository of human knowledge, waited a million years to be safe. Finally, it cracked open the concrete bunker's exit door. The plants were growing back, and the sky looked normal once more. It walked, looking for intelligent life. It only realised it had forgotten a towel when it began to rain.


Kurt shut himself in the bathroom and took some Trax. He grew a tail and fur, and swung on the light fitting for an hour. After that he got bold and took a second hit against all common sense. He became a goldfish and fell in the toilet. Gertrude came home and flushed him.

Sleepless in Sydney

Heather couldn't sleep. She surfed the web for a while, and found a site for a company called Chronodyne, founded in 1996. They claimed to ship Time Bracelets instantly to your door. She ordered one. There was a knock on her door. A package was left. She went back to 1996 and founded Chronodyne.

Trax Warfare

The gangs faced off across the street. Jimmy was the first to take some Trax. He became a gorilla and began beating his chest. Kane became a rat, running and biting Jimmy's foot. Leo became an owl, swooping on Kane. Michelle, looking from the window of her apartment, sighed and called the pound again.