Miniature Stories At Most 54 Words Long
by L. J. Patrick (c) Jan 17th 2002
She Loved Me, But...

... I didn't love her. She cried when I told her we could never see each other again. Outside, I looked up at her window for some time. That night my Replicator worked overtime. By morning, the clone of me was almost perfect; only a critical emotion differed. I sent him to her, with roses.

She Didn't Love Me

She slapped my face. I couldn't believe it. How could she reject me? After drinking too much in my laboratory, I went to the Replicator. I found one of her hairs on my coat, and fed it into the machine. By morning, her clone was perfectly formed. The clone slapped me too.

Mirrors Reflect Not Themselves

The reader sat back and began reading the tiny story. "That's odd," the reader thought. "It mentions me." The writer paused in his typing. Suddenly he realised the reader was reading his story before it was finished. "Go away," he typed, and failed to finish the

Sleep is But a Doorway

Anna woke feeling tired, then the day got hectic. Chased the cat, saw the vet, wrote a short story, argued with Margaret. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. At the exact same moment, Yiing woke on the other side of the world. "That was a strange dream," thought Yiing.

The Slime From Planet Vallauris

Aboard the Starship Legacy, no-one saw the green glowing slime monster ooze its way onto the flight deck. By the time they did, it was poised to launch its attack. The Chef Robot watched as the ooze sprang towards the helpless crew. Iki opened his mouth wide, swallowing it whole. "Hmm, tasty." He belched.

Editor of the Times

Yeah, I know him. He's always worked for the newspaper, long as I can remember. Strange how his articles anticipate events. Interviewed that vulcanologist one week before the eruption. Saved a lot of lives. Exposed those faulty train brakes. Now you mention it, he does seem younger. Looks only nineteen these days. Strangest thing.

After the Nuclear War

The robotic scavenger's claw closed on a tin of dog food. "That'll last us for another day," said the twelve year old child manipulating the controls back at the base. He moved the joystick, but the can wouldn't budge. He panned the robot's camera. Another robot's claw held the can tight.

Mars and Venus on a Date

Mars and Venus, most famous of the Immortal Gods, went on a date. Afterwards, Mars walked her home and kissed her cheek. Ten thousand years later they went on another date. Mars walked her home and kissed her lips. She slapped his face. "I don't rush into relationships, you know!"

The True Story of Atlantis

Rhadamanthus, King of the happy island of Atlantis, stood to address the crowd. "Friends, you will be the first to see my latest invention, a miniaturisation device." He threw the lever. A purple ray shrunk a temple to fit in his palm. He tried to switch it off; the lever broke. "Whoops," he said.

The Hobbit's Quest

Kittiadoc Lacebuckle, the hobbit from Westbarge County, raised the glowing sword carefully. Lirion Melismator whispered across the table. "It is Elfslayer, one of the thirteen Swords of Power, designed to destroy all the good peoples of the world." "Oh," replied Kit, before using it to slice the cake. "Anyone for apple and cinnamon pie?"

Double Agent on Moon Base X

"Torture me."
"There's a double agent amongst us working for Them. I'm a double agent working for Us. To flush out their agent, we need to publicly threaten something They care about. They think I'm on their side. Torture me."
"Great plan, but I'm the agent you fool! And now you die."

And Now You Die!

Agent 7 drew his gun, aiming at David, bound to a chair. David kicked 7's arm, shouting. The door burst open; guards ran in. They grappled, with the gun pressed against David's head. David worked one hand free. As 7's finger squeezed the trigger, David threw the safety catch. Click! David opened his eyes.

The Mugger

The mugger shouted "Gimme that."
Rachel turned the wrist dial. Suddenly, the alley was empty. The mugger walked around the corner again.
"Gimme that."
Another Rachel entered the alley. Confused, the mugger fled.
"What did he want?"
"The Time Bracelet."
"Oh. Have you seen my keys? Dropped them here five minutes from now."

On the Bridge of the Starship Legacy

"Anyone for a game of Qu'Bindi?" asked Lycroft. Everyone groaned.
"You've already defeated everyone," moaned Paris.
Serron suddenly materialised. "Time Bracelets are brilliant!"
Spanners clicked, "Where did you go?"
"The past. Invented a game called Qu'Bindi."
"I bet Iki that Lycroft could beat everyone at a non-existant game. Did I win?"
Everyone groaned.

Terraforming Mars

The project to adjust Mars's atmosphere was nearing completion.
"How long before our people can live here?" asked the President.
"Two months," replied the Scientist.
"Any problems?"
"No, although the sentients on the third planet from the Sun are annoyed. They don't breathe chlorine."
"Well, the Humans should have gotten here first, shouldn't they?"